Join a Female-Led VC Fund, Gain Real-World Experience, and Propel Your Career in Venture Capital





Are you a woman looking to break into the venture capital industry? The Bad Bitch Empire Venture Fellows Program is your gateway to a thriving career in VC, offering a unique opportunity to work directly with a female-led VC fund, develop essential skills, and build a powerful network that will propel you into the world of venture capital. 

Over the course of six months, you'll gain hands-on experience in deal sourcing, due diligence, and investment analysis, all while receiving mentorship from top VCs and industry leaders. This program is designed to accommodate your schedule, making it perfect for those balancing school or work commitments.




 Break Into VC: If you’re looking to make your mark in the venture capital industry, our program provides the skills and connections you need to succeed.

Network with Top Investors: Expand your professional network and connect with top investors who can offer guidance, mentorship, and opportunities.

Gain Hands-On Experience in VC: Gain practical, hands-on experience in the VC world, from deal sourcing to investment analysis and portfolio management.

Learn Directly from VC Mentorship: Learn from experienced venture capitalists who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and helping you succeed.

Build Your Personal Brand as a VC: Learn how to establish and grow your brand as an investor.



The BBE Venture Fellows program combines foundational knowledge with practical experience, allowing you to develop essential VC skills, build a powerful network, and gain firsthand experience in the world of venture capital.

The 6-Month Venture Fellowship Roadmap

First 2 Months: Intensive Foundational VC Training

In the first two months of the program, BBE fellows will receive intensive training to learn the foundations of being a venture capitalist. This phase covers essential topics such as the VC landscape, fund structures, high-growth investment areas, deal sourcing, due diligence, writing deal memos, and investor thought leadership development.


Months 3-4: Hands-On Learning, Growth & Networking

The following two months are designed to be immersive and action-packed. Fellows will actively participate in sourcing deals, conducting due diligence, and working directly with founders. This hands-on application phase provides unparalleled opportunities to apply your knowledge in female-led startups, network with top VCs, all while receiving continuous mentorship and feedback.



Months 5-6: Advanced  Leadership Development

The last two months are focused on elevating and preparing you for leadership roles in venture capital. This phase includes advanced workshops on portfolio management, fundraising strategies, and strategic decision-making. Additionally, fellows will have opportunities to lead projects, mentor junior fellows, and engage in discussions with industry leaders.



Over the course of the BBE venture fellowship, you will:


1. Work Directly a Female-Led VC Fund: Gain invaluable experience by working alongside the BBE Fund, our early stage venture fund investing in high-impact female-led tech startups. Immerse yourself in the world of venture capital and learn from the best.

2. Develop Real Skills in Venture Capital: Learn the essential skills needed to succeed in the VC industry. From deal sourcing to due diligence, you will gain hands-on experience that sets you apart.

3. Network with Top Venture Capitalists Connect and network with influential VCs during our VC mentor rountables. Build relationships that can open doors and create opportunities for your future VC career.

4. Enhance Your VC Job Prospects Whether you're looking to break into VC or transition into a new career  You'll gain the practical experience and a network of industry contacts to enhance your prospects of landing a job in venture capital. 

5. Learn How to Scout and Perform Due Diligence Master the art of scouting high-potential startups and conducting thorough due diligence. Develop a keen eye for promising investments and become a trusted evaluator.

6. Build Your Brand as an Emerging VC Learn how to build your personal brand as an investor. Gain visibility, credibility and influence through creating content that reflects your passions as an investor. 

7. Direct Mentorship from Lisa Carmen Wang Receive mentorship from Lisa Carmen Wang, founder & GP of Bad Bitch Empire. Gain insights, guidance, and support from a woman who has successfully leveraged her career from corporate finance, to entrepreneur, to VC.

8. Opportunity to Earn Carry in Deals Stand out and earn carry in the deals you scout and diligence. Get rewarded for your contributions and share in the success of the investments you help identify for the fund.

9. Opportunity to advise female-founders Learn how to add value to female-led startups through mentoring female founders in the investment pipeline. 

10. Collaborate with a Crew of Passionate, Purpose-Driven Women Investors Grow alongside your bad bitch venture fellows, as you learn, invest, and win together. 




Lisa Carmen Wang, Founder & GP

Lisa Carmen Wang is the visionary founder & General Partner of Bad Bitch Empire, a revolutionary early-stage venture fund dedicated to investing in billion-dollar female-led frontier tech companies. 

Entrepreneurship: Lisa's entrepreneurial journey began with founding SheWorx, a global platform empowering female entrepreneurs. Under her leadership, SheWorx helped female founders raise over $50M in capital and was acquired by a $1B fintech company. 

Investing: Lisa has a reputation for identifying high-potential startups and disruptive technologies. Her investment portfolio includes several successful female-led companies. Lisa’s philosophy centers on supporting startups that leverage frontier technology to address systemic issues affecting women.

Venture Capital: Recognized as one of Forbes’ 30 Under 30 in Venture Capital, Lisa is a thought leader and advocate for diversity in VC. Through Bad Bitch Empire, she aims to provide women with the tools, network, and capital they need to thrive, transforming the VC landscape. Through Bad Bitch Empire, she is building a new table for women in VC, where they can invest together, drive exponential impact, and revolutionize the future.

Sarah Marily, Barrick, VC OPS & GROWTH

Sarah Marilyn Barrick is an experienced serial entrepreneur turned investor and growth marketer, responsible for deal sourcing and initial startup diligence for the BBE Fund.

As a seasoned marketing professional with a unique background in neuroscience, she previously drove over $100M in revenue through organic viral marketing and specializes in creating and executing innovative growth strategies that drive sustainable, viral growth. 

Her superpower lies in leveraging scientific insights and creative marketing techniques to help early-stage startups and entrepreneurs build strong, engaged communities around their brands. 

Kristin Slanina, Investment Committee

Kristin Slanina is a key decision maker in BBE fund investments. She is a serial angel investor, former Chief Innovation Officer at ParkMyFleet, with 20+ years STEM experience, cleantech, mobility, blockchain, AI.


Mitch Mechigian, Investment Committee 

Mitch is a key decision maker in BBE fund investments. He is General Partner at Blockchain Coinvestors Fund, CFO of Blockchain Coinvestors Acquisition Corp I, and is an investment leader in blockchain investments.



Invest in Your Future with the BBE Venture Fellows Program

The BBE Venture Fellows Program is an investment in your future as a leader in venture capital. Our comprehensive six-month program provides unparalleled access to industry leaders, hands-on experience, and the tools you need to succeed in the competitive world of VC.

What You Get:

  1. Intensive Training (First 2 Months):

    • In-depth sessions on VC foundations, high-growth investment areas, deal sourcing, and due diligence.
    • Expert-led workshops and interactive discussions.
  2. Hands-On Application (Next 2 Months):

    • Real-world experience in sourcing deals and conducting due diligence.
    • Weekly scout sourcing calls, pitch calls, and feedback sessions.
  3. Advanced Experience and Leadership Development (Final 2 Months):

    • Advanced workshops on portfolio management, fundraising strategies, and strategic decision-making.
    • Leadership opportunities to mentor junior fellows and lead key projects.
  4. Exclusive Access:

    • Direct mentorship from industry leaders, including Lisa Carmen Wang.
    • Networking opportunities with top female VCs and industry experts.
    • Access to a community of like-minded women passionate about venture capital.
  5. Additional Benefits:

    • Personalized brand-building sessions.
    • Thought leadership and content creation guidance.
    • Opportunities to engage in high-level discussions with industry leaders.

 Join the next cohort of BBE Venture Fellows. The application process is highly selective, ensuring we bring together the most ambitious and passionate women in the industry.



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